What is a record pool ?

A record pool is a service to provide DJ’s with all the newest music’s it is your job to promote the music on the radio, shows etc. The one thing that we have as an advantage to all the pools that pop up everyday is that we were a real record pool where you actually received records, than CD’s (as our LLC is 8thwonder CD Pool) and now we are back with Digital.

How much is the monthly membership to 8thwonderpromos.com ?

Only $19.95 a month, we do offer specials from time to time, and if you pay for a longer subscription plan you can save money by paying for more than 1 month at a time (depends on what is being offered at the time)

How does the record pool work ?

You pay a monthly fee to access all the newest music and videos, most way before the general public, some never available to the public. Also all the remixes, instruments and acapellas for all your remix needs.

Do I get a discount in your online store.?

Yes,all members get a min of 20% off in our store.Please make sure you are getting the discount as there are no refunds or adjustments once a payment goes through.

Am I locked in a contract ?

NO,you can cancel at anytime, but there are no refunds because You can not return what you already downloaded.

How can I cancel or update my subscription ?

In PayPal you have total control of your subscription plan

  1. Log into your Paypal account. www.paypal.com
  2. Click on the Profile Tab
  3. Click on the My Money Tab
  4. Click Update under " My approved Payments"
  5. Click on your subscription from the list.
  6. Click cancel under details.

From Credit card payment: Log into your account, in 8thwonderpromos.com and click cancel.

If I cancel mid month do I still have access for the rest of the month ?

You will always get your full month (30-31 days) regardless of when you cancel. If you cancel on the last day of your contract that is the only time you will have no remaining time left after midnight of that day.

If I am a CD DJ,will your service still work for me ?

Yes,you can download the MP3’s and import them to a CD.

Where can artist submit new music or videos ?

Please send new music to newmusic@8thwonderpromos.com (we do not guarantee every submission to 8thwonderpromos to make it online)

If we are having issues with the site who should we contact ?

Please contact support@8thwonderpromos.com if you are experiencing trouble with our site.

You can submit a query at http://pool.8thwonderpromos.com/contact/

Can I send you a remix or video edit ?

We are always looking for new talent, just keep in mind we get submissions all the time and it may take up to 2 weeks before we get back in touch with you. Helpful tips Please make sure the mix is 320 Send in a Clean and a dirty version, and sending intro in’s and out’s will never hurt as well. Please send your submissions to newmusic@8thwonderpromos.com

What if I see double charges on my account ?

Most of the time it is due to issues with renewing an expired account or issues when registering.Please contact support@8thwonderpromos.com and we will investigate your account. NO REFUNDS OVER 120 DAYS,so please log into your account from time to time and check to make sure you did not create more than one account (Check your PayPal or credit card statement monthly as well)

Account Sharing

Anyone caught sharing there password will be canceled and locked out of the site immediately and not issued a refund.

How many times can I download each song or video, and from how many computers ?

You can download each song or video 3 times, and from 3 computers (only 1 computer at a time or you will get locked out)

Where can I send promotional material (Posters,shirts,stickers etc) ?

Please send all such material to:

1767 Central Park Ave Suite 381
Yonkers NY 10710